Revolutionising Facility Services and Cleaning Operations via Digital Innovation

Operational Efficiency


Facility Services companies, especially in the cleaning industry, grapple with various challenges, primarily stemming from the absence of cohesive tools. The lack of integrated systems has led to the adoption of disconnected and independent solutions, resulting in a myriad of issues, including duplicate data entry, inaccuracies, and inefficiencies. This not only hampers service providers but also adversely affects clients, leading to communication breakdowns, scheduling errors, and billing discrepancies.

It’s Time for Transformation

In response to these challenges, Service Farm has collaborated with industry leaders in cleaning operations to introduce a holistic solution that effectively addresses these pain points.

Establishing Communication Channels: FM Farm serves as a bridge, facilitating real-time communication between cleaning companies and clients, and promoting collaboration and clarity.

Quoting Precision and Statement of Work: Our system streamlines quoting processes, reducing inaccuracies and delays, and promoting precision and efficiency through automation, templates, and task history.

Quotes and Site History

Compliance: FM Farm’s compliance module simplifies Australia’s strict regulations, focusing on health, safety, and regulatory adherence through SWMS, Incident and Hazard Reporting, and Toolbox Talks.

Version Controlled SWMS

Optimising Rostering and Field Services Management: The adoption of mobile solutions is paramount for efficiency gains in remote operations. FM Farm tackles resource allocation and scheduling challenges with global scheduling, rostering, and intelligent assignment algorithms, significantly enhancing efficiency and response times.

Eliminating Scheduling Headaches: FM Farm offers advanced scheduling capabilities powered by automation technology. This ensures accurate shift allocation, timely reminders, and enforces onsite Clock-In using GPS tracking, thereby mitigating missed appointments and scheduling errors that can tarnish client relationships.

Enterprise Job Management & Calendar

Centralised Documentation: FM Farm streamlines digital documentation by replacing paper-based processes with digital ones, including job documentation (for example organisational insurance, ISO certifications, staff licenses, SWMS etc), work history, and electronic sign-offs, thereby reducing data loss and inefficiencies.

Integration with Accounting and Payroll Systems: Manual billing processes and disjointed data flow are things of the past. FM Farm streamlines billing processes by enabling seamless data flow between quoting, approvals, job management, scheduling, and work variations, avoiding inaccuracies and enhancing invoicing for smoother transactions.

Data Management and Analysis: Leveraging data analytics can significantly reduce costs and facilitate growth in facility service companies, enhancing decision-making and cost-efficiency.

Product Adoption and Change Management: Service Farm provides a comprehensive customer onboarding experience, guiding users through every step to ensure successful change management strategies when implementing their technology and processes.


FM Farm empowers cleaning companies to expand their operations, boosting profitability, and enhancing client satisfaction through enhanced operational efficiency, cost reduction, and digital innovation.

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