Who We Are

Boutique, Agile & Specialised

Our team understand the digital landscape, and the opportunities, efficiencies and risks our commercial and enterprise clients are exposed to. Being privately owned and boutique in size gives us the flexibility to be responsive, and the freedom to scale our development team without long-term commitment.

We’re technically agile and quick to evolve in terms of specialised development, integrations and infrastructure, making our capabilities second to none. With a wealth of experience in complex digital transformation, our culture of innovation, service and quality position our team to continue our growth trajectory, and build on our reputation as an emerging leader in digital transformation, systems integration and custom platform/SAAS development.

Meet the CEO

Kiran Sethumadhavan

Meet Kiran, the Managing Partner and Chief Technology Officer at Service Farm. With a strong focus on technology and business process re-engineering, Kiran provides exceptional consulting services in digital transformation, technical architecture, customized solutions, and product development.

With an impressive track record spanning over two decades in IT leadership, Kiran has successfully delivered cutting-edge technology solutions to various industries including Gaming, Hospitality, Fintech, Travel, Aviation, and Software. He has played a pivotal role in assisting multiple startups, guiding them from the initial concept phase to the successful launch of their products in the market. Kiran’s expertise extends to enterprise systems architecture, product development, project planning and execution, mergers and acquisitions, startup guidance, mentoring, and business restructuring.

Kiran is dedicated to exploring innovative ways to leverage IT solutions as catalysts for long-term organizational strategies and day-to-day business operations. His extensive knowledge in IT, Marketing, and business process improvement enables him to grasp complex business challenges and provide valuable technical consulting services to overcome them.

Team & Culture

Service Farm pride ourselves on being a positive, engaged, high-performance team that is dedicated to achieving excellence in everything we do.

Our team are focused on delivering results, and we recognise and rewards outstanding performance.

team at facility management company service farm

Our company culture is centered around the values of integrity and transparency. We believe in doing what is right, even when no one is watching. Our team members are expected to act with honesty and ethics, both internally and externally, and are committed to open and clear communication, sharing information and feedback frequently, and continuous improvement, contributing to a culture of trust, respect and innovation.

We recognise the importance of continually learning and growing in our roles, which is why we provide opportunities for staff to expand and specialise their skills in exciting, emerging areas of digital technology. We encourage our team members to pursue their interests and passions, supporting them with training, mentorship, and career development opportunities.

We believe that by creating an environment where these values are prioritised, we attract and retain top talent who are passionate about making a difference.

So if you’re curious to learn more about working at Service Farm and being on the cutting edge of exciting new platforms and SaaS development, we encourage you to reach out and say hello!