FM Farm

FM Farm - Fostering Efficiency by Automating Processes for Facility Services Sector

FM Farm is more than just software; it’s your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of Soft FM. FM Farm is the comprehensive end-to-end job management solution you’ve been waiting for. At its core, FM Farm empowers businesses like yours to streamline operations, improve compliance, and elevate service quality. Whether you’re in maintenance, cleaning, security, or any other Soft FM sector, FM Farm is tailored to transform your business processes. Explore the boundless capabilities of FM Farm and discover a world where efficiency, compliance, and excellence seamlessly converge.

FM Farm Digital Capability

FM Farm supports facilities professionals to manage tasks, while satisfying compliance and documentation requirements:

Digital Transformation Services in Facility Management Services
Contract Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of Facility Services, the effectiveness of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems can be the determining factor between success and stagnation.  FM Farm offers a robust Contract management solution not only streamlines operations but also aids better governance, reduces risks, minimises revenue loss, ensures adherence to regulatory standards and enhances client expectations.

FM Farm’s Contract Management Module provides the tools you need to meticulously track budgets, monitor actual expenses, and ensure financial transparency throughout the lifecycle of your contracts. Allocate budgets to contracts based on predefined terms, ensuring that financial resources are allocated appropriately and in line with project requirements.
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Quotes & Invoices
FM Farm’s easy to use quoting module can increase your team’s productivity, impressing your clients and winning new business. Our professional looking invoicing module with your logo and branding can help you take control and win back some of your valuable time. Invoices can be synced into your accounting system.
Workorder and Job Management
FM Farm streamlines the process of organising and tracking tasks, ensuring efficiency and accountability in every project. Users can easily create, assign, and prioritise work orders, while tracking their progress in real-time. From scheduling maintenance tasks to overseeing complex projects, the app provides a centralised platform for collaboration and communication among team members. With features like task status updates, notifications, and comprehensive reporting, it empowers businesses to optimise their operations and deliver exceptional results, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.
Workforce Management
Occupational Health & Safety

Our OH&S module ensures full compliance with state regulations. It ensures that all staff are safe onsite with online processes available:

Rostering & Timesheets

Streamline your workforce by digitising scheduling and tracking working hours. With our enterprise rostering, you can efficiently assign shifts, considering employee availability and skill sets. Through our smartphone clock in and clock out functionality, timesheets are recorded for actual hours worked, facilitating accurate payroll processing. These digital tools enhance productivity, minimise errors, and provide valuable insights into workforce utilisation, ultimately fostering a more organised and efficient workplace.

Field Staff Onboarding
FM Farm Field Staff app automates employee onboarding through a series of pre-defined steps. This includes setting up profile, uploading payroll and superannuation details, medical and visa declarations and uploading necessary licenses, certifications and other documentation. This allows for a fully centralised approach to field staff onboarding. Operational administrators can easily the onboard and offboard field staff from FM Farm portal.
“FM Farm helps us work smarter, continually improving and executing tasks in the best way possible”
- Bryn Jones
National Operations Manager, Famaso