FM Farm Case Study (Famaso)

“FM Farm helps us work smarter, continually improving and executing tasks in the best way possible”
- Bryn Jones
National Operations Manager, Famaso

An end-to-end platform for facilities managers to streamline all your trades and maintenance quoting, booking and briefing. Get it done with FM Farm!

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‘FM Farm’ emerged from a need to streamline operations at Famaso, a Facilities Services company. At the onset of Famaso, we were mired in paperwork and inefficiencies, which took precedence over actual work.

We became determined to revolutionise how we optimised our business, so we explored all the software options available. We encountered numerous solutions that tackled certain aspects of the problem. However, we couldn’t find a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that addressed all our challenges. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands and engage Service Farm to create ‘FM Farm,’ an end-to-end solution that would bring all our operations under one seamless umbrella, and make lives easier for our managers, subcontractors and Facility Manager clients. No more paperwork bottlenecks or wasted time!

From day one, Service Farm took the time to immerse themselves in our business, actively listening and truly understanding our requirements and challenges we were trying to overcome.

But what impressed me most was their seamless service throughout the entire process. From initial discussions to final implementation, they were solution-driven, demonstrating a tenacious and can-do attitude. 

No challenge was too difficult for them to tackle.

"They didn’t just do what was asked – they pushed it further and challenged us to look at our challenges in a different way – applying their experience from other sectors and applying new, unexpected solutions to our project."

FM Farm is a cornerstone in Famaso’s strategy, serving as an essential tool that underscores our professional image while significantly enhancing efficiency.

This platform streamlines operations, leading to optimised productivity, and supports our team in focusing on the most critical aspects of our business.
By reducing administrative burdens, FM Farm equips our managers with the capacity to bid farewell to administrative nightmares and welcomes a more proactive approach to their roles.

It facilitates more on-site visits, fosters stronger client engagement, promotes effective team coordination, and accelerates the execution of strategic initiatives. These crucial tasks directly impact our client satisfaction and business growth, allowing Famaso to maintain a high level of professionalism and efficiency.

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Recognition for Innovation

Famaso was selected among 24,000 businesses Australia-wide as State Finalist for Telstra’s 2022Best of Business Award, and winning recipient of Business Victoria’s Technology Adoption and Innovation Program (TAIP) grant from the Department ofJobs, Precents and Regions of the State of Victoria in 2021