Safe Work Method Statements

Ensuring safety and compliance within facility services execution is paramount, yet regrettably, these vital aspects often receive less-than-optimal prioritisation and importance. Processes such as Safe Work Method Statements, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Toolbox Talks, Incident and Hazard reporting are frequently applied in a retrospective manner, with limited integration into the fundamental operational processes. Elevating the proactive assimilation of these critical safety measures into the core operational framework is imperative for fostering a secure and compliant working environment.

SWMS, or Safe Work Method Statements, are important documents that outline the necessary safety measures and procedures for specific tasks in the workplace. While SWMS management is crucial for ensuring a safe working environment, managing an effective work safety regime depends on various factors

SWMS Activities

Complexity of Work: If a facility involves complex or high-risk activities, the creation and management of detailed SWMS can be time-consuming and require a deep understanding of the specific risks associated with each task. This complexity can make SWMS management more challenging.

Regulatory Compliance: Depending on the industry and location, there may be strict regulatory requirements regarding SWMS. Keeping up with these regulations and ensuring that all SWMS are in compliance can be a challenge for facility managers and service providers.

Regulatory Compliance

Documentation and Record Keeping: Managing and organizing a large number of SWMS documents, ensuring they are up to date, and maintaining records for compliance purposes can become a significant administrative burden.

Version control

Changes in Work Processes: As work processes evolve or change, SWMS need to be updated accordingly. Managing these changes and ensuring that the documentation reflects the current state of operations can be time-consuming.

Technology and Tools: The use of technology and specialised tools for SWMS management can either alleviate or exacerbate the challenges. A lack of suitable tools or outdated systems can contribute to the complexity of SWMS management.

Introducing FM Farm Compliance, a comprehensive tool that is fully integrated with the workorder and job management system.

Comprehensive SWMS Management

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